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Ge(s)tikt : Group project

Ge(s)tikt : Bijeenkomst 6 en 7
On the 3th of july it was time for a new “group project”. We were already looking for a while, when Marte from Compagnie M launched her Mara Blog Tour!
Somebody already made a Mara blouse, and so she asked everyone to make this as a “group project”. Everybody was very enthusiastic!!
As we are with 7 girls we made some variations on the Mara pattern.
On the 3th of july we al started and we stopped just before we had to put in the sleeves. It is nice that we can share our ideas with each other and we can help each other. But the pattern is very well explained with text and photos that none of us had much difficulties.
This week (july 17th) we finished our creations! We all had beautiful blouses and dresses, therefore we of “Ge(s)tikt” have “Getikt” on our wonderfull creations!
Below our pictures:
Vanessa made a mara blouse 18 mnd with butterfly sleeves.
Lori made also a mara blouse 116 with butterfly sleeves.
Martine and Lindsey made two dresses for Lindsey’s twins, size 110 with butterfly sleeves.
Angelien made a mara blouse with butterfly sleeves.
Marian made a Mara dress 98 with long sleeves (not with elastic but with sleeve cover).
And last but not least Celine made a mara blouse 98 with no sleeves but with zig zag instead.

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  • Compagnie M. says:

    Echt leuk al die verschillende Mara’s! Thanks voor deze mooie overvloed! M

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