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Gift card + 1 pattern for free!

By 02/12/2014Blog

December is the month of buying and preferably receiving presents! Actually I like both a lot, that why I though of an action that doesn’t only make the ‘receiver’ but also the ‘buyer’ really happy. When you buy a friend a giftcard in December, you’ll receive a pattern for free: to keep for yourself! How nice is that!? Giving a Compagnie M. present becomes more fun like this!

This is how it ‘technically works’: you place a giftcard in your cart and when you add a pattern of your choice, if will not be charged. Nice, right!? You will receive the free pattern and you can send the giftcard to a friend. Two happy seamstresses!

Compagnie-M Gift card - voucher

Gifcards are available in our shop! You have different cards worth 15, 25, 35 or 50 euro. Of course you can also combine several cards. You don’t a discount code for this action! Happy shopping!

Little note: these giftcards are digital ones. At check-out you can choose to send the voucher to yourself or directly to a friend. You can add a personal message and the email address. Vouchers can be spend in several buys. This way you can save the amount of money that is left on the card for a next pattern release. 

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