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Always nice to give presents, especially when you’ve made them yourself! I’ve created two hand made gifts this week. One for a dear friend, hoping to give birth soon… The other one, for my aunt celebrating her 65th birthday and her retirement! I assume it’s not difficult to match the picture to the right person… 

The jumpsuit was made with the same pattern as Pieke Wieke used for her version. I liked her creation sooo much! Mine is maybe not as nice, but I used two old t-shirts: for this small sizes it’s easy to up-cycle some old garments. And they grow so fast at this age…

For the scarf, I used a vintage style fabric bought at Moens in Antwerp. I added a Clematis flower to take the picture. A pity I can’t let the flower stay with the scarf forever… 


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  • Lieve says:

    Ah een bekend modelleke. Ook een mooike, dat doe ik ook regelmatig, oude t-shirts een nieuwe bestemming geven. Dubbel zo leuk als het resultaat dan mooi is.

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