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Gumnut hat!

By 03/02/2017Blog

I’ve always liked these types of hats, but sometimes I had doubts about this models for bigger girls like Nore & Lisa. But then I thought: if I don’t make one now, they will only become bigger! This is a one day project. So fast. That’s what I like about it: the gumnut hat by Amakersburrow.  I can surely recommend you this pattern.

Nore & Lisa are so happy with it. I should probably make a 2nd one!

I knitted this one a while ago in Scotland but Only today when Nore was wearing it, I took some quick pictures. The light was so beautiful and I made these snaps with my phone.

The yarn is from Katia. A left over from a project that I never blogged. Oops!

That’s what’s happing to me lately. I make so many thing, but never blog about them because I just don’t feel like taking pictures. Especially when I have to ‘force’ the kids.

How about you? Are you blogging less and less? Instagram is such an easy way to share projects right?


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