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Hamburger Liebe Louisa dress!

Since the day I made this dress I’ve fallen in love with Hamburger Liebe fabrics! Susanne (the owner of Hamburger Liebe) was charmed by my creation and asked me to guest post on her blog. Since I’ve just launched my Louisa dress pattern in German, if was the obvious choice to sew a Hamburger Liebe Louisa dress. This way I’m kind of closing the German Louisa dress pattern tour officially!

Compagnie-M_Louisa_dress_Hamburger_Liebe 1
Compagnie-M_Louisa_dress_Hamburger_Liebe 3
For my Louisa dress, I got this cute Fly to the sky fabric from Mirabelle! Thanks for helping me out so fast. Your service was impeccable!

When the fabric arrived, I decided that making the whole Louisa dress in this fabric was not a good option. That’s why I combined it with some grey fabric, that I recycled from an old pair of pants. Choosing this pants, pushed me to be creative since the front part was wider then the fabric I had. That’s why I had to divide it into 3 pieces. I have never worked with grey for Lisa & Nore, but I love the result, so I will surely use it again!

Compagnie-M_Louisa_dress_Hamburger_Liebe 2
Compagnie-M_Louisa_dress_Hamburger_Liebe 4

Since summertime is approaching in Belgium, I swapped the original 3/4 sleeves for the butterfly sleeves from the Mara blouse.

Compagnie-M_Louisa_dress_Hamburger_Liebe 5
Compagnie-M_Louisa_dress_Hamburger_Liebe 6

To add a little bit if color I finished the whole dress with orange thread. I was doubting to add buttons, but I didn’t. When the dress looked like this, I though there were enough details yet. So I just topstitched the pocket to keep it closed.

Compagnie-M_Louisa_dress_Hamburger_Liebe 7
Compagnie-M_Louisa_dress_Hamburger_Liebe 8

For these pictures we took Lisa to the woods. With Susanne’s favourite boots, Lisa was slightly overdresses so people were kind of staring at us, but I love the result of the pictures, so I guess I just don’t have to care about what other people think right?

Compagnie-M_Louisa_dress_Hamburger_Liebe 9

If you are visiting my blog through Hamburger Liebe, I would like to invite you to have a look around…  If you are interested in buying my Louisa dress pattern, you can find it HERE in my shop.

Thanks Susanne for this great opportunity!

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  • m hoch drei says:

    So cute ! I love this look…the louisa dress half with a colorful pattetn, half solid.
    Have a nice sunny day.

  • Karina says:

    I love the dress!!!! And it looks so cool with this boots<3

  • Sewbubble says:

    Prachtig stofje en héél mooie, sfeervolle foto’s!

  • Erika says:

    Waaw! Wat een mooi kleedje alweer! De foto’s zijn geweldig! Waar zijn ze genomen? Ik ben op zoek naar een leuk plaatsje met treinen om foto’s te nemen…

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Hey Erika,

      die zijn genomen in de buurt van Voeren… Daar ligt een verlaten spoor met wat treinen op. Een hele leuke plaats om te gaan wandelen. Als je echt de details wil weten, stuur je me maar even een mailtje! M

  • sophie says:

    oh !! this is so cute! I love the detail of the sleeve and on the bust! fab!

  • Saskia says:

    Oh zo mooi! Ik zal er ook nog eentje maken, denk ik!

  • Kerstin says:

    I love the fabric combination and the sleeve solution. I think I need to buy me the Mara Blouse Patter, too.

  • Iris says:

    Really cute! Again a totally different Louisa dress, this pattern has a lot of possibilities…

  • Marion says:

    Hi Marte,
    today I received the eMail with the winning code !
    We will have a big party next month and I was looking for someting nice to wear for the girls.. of course a dress, but not too complicated. I saw so many patterns, but fell in love with Louisa during your german blogtour. So now I now what to sew. I am really happy… thanks a lot !
    Marion – m hoch drei

  • Prachtig Marte! Dat stofje is ook een favorietje van mij :-)

  • Annika says:

    Marte, you know that I love everything that you make, but this to me is the best! And it doesn’t hurt that the photoshoot is simply amazing, too! The dress, the boots, the forest, the train track… perfection!

  • Compagnie M. says:

    Thanks a lot for all your lovely comments! M

  • eva maria says:

    Waauw, dat is echt een schoontje!

  • Claudia says:

    Dear Marte, its a beautiful pattern!!!!
    Has anybody asked for adult sizes yet? Think about it. I would wear one :-) And sew one of course.

    Kind regards from Munich!

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Hi Claudia,

      thanks for your sweet comment. I will launch some of my patterns in adult size, but I don’t have plans to launch the Louisa in big sizes. Sorry! M

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