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happy B-day paper patterns: upgrade action!

By 27/01/2016Blog

Exactly one year ago we launched our paper patterns. Hip hip hooray for our paper patterns! :) What started as a collection of six patterns has grown to a set of 13 patterns. This means that in 2015, we added seven new designs to our collection.

We’ve learned a lot in 2015. Not only that growing our business by adding this paper range has had a big impact, but also that it’s a nice challenge since we got the chance to work together with amazing stockists. That’s why I would like first of all to thank our partners. 71 shops around the world are selling our patterns at the moment. So that’s surely a big achievement for us. THANKS!!!


Now let’s get to the point. No Compagnie M. birthday without presents. Since we got a lot of questions concerning pattern upgrades (from PDF to paper) we are organising this big action again. What does this mean? Every one that ever bought a PDF Compagnie M. pattern gets the chance to upgrade this PDF pattern to a paper version for only half the price!!! Yes, that’s right: FOR ONLY 8EURO! (Little NOTE: initially we planned to sell the pattern upgrades for 9euro, but because of a small calculation error, they turn out to be even 1 euro cheaper. We decided to keep it this way, so this is a unique offer you can’t refuse…).


What do you get for this price? A paper pattern of course. All Compagnie M. pattern include both a version with and without seam allowance, which means you can pick your favourite version, trace the pattern and start sewing immediately. No more assembling or adding seam allowance if you like to save time. They are presented in a carefully designed packaging that is not only attractive, ecological but also easy to use. The pattern pages are printed on normal (not thin!) A1 FSC paper that is easy to handle and fold to the original A5 size after tracing your favourite options.

As you know we decided NOT to include printed instructions. This is due to ecological reasons. I don’t like cutting trees when living in a digital area. To me it’s all about the content. I didn’t want to make my instructions shorter to have them printed on paper to save paper or costs. Not only for me, but also for you. :) Since we are selling worldwide, I’d be sending double the amount of paper around the globe. Can you imagine the extra shipping costs and ecological impact? That just didn’t make sense to me. The annoying part of digital patterns is the assembling the pattern, not the instructions. Of course you can still print the instructions yourself, but we would like to promote to read them on your computer, tablet of smart phone. I never ever print instructions for ecological reasons. :)


Now back to the action. How can you upgrade your PDF patterns for only 8 euro?

  • First check your mailbox. We’ve send all our customers that ever bought a PDF pattern a personal email yesterday.
  • In this email you can find the link to access the upgrade page of our website.
  • Use your personal coupon code at checkout to claim your discount.
  • Make sure to check your shipping details.
  • We’ll ship your patterns within 2 business days.
  • You can upgrade your pattern till the 21st of February.

One really important note: This upgrade offer is only valid for previously purchased pdf patterns. We will check your order manually and cancel orders that include other patterns.

Did you buy a PDF pattern in the past, but can’t you find the upgrade email? Just let us know: marte@compagnie-m.com. Of course we’ll help you to claim your discount.

Thanks a lot for every one that ever bought one or more pattern(s). No Compagnie M. without you!!! THANKS!


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