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Happy birthday to Nore & a give away!

By 13/02/2014Blog, Dress

A twin means two birthday dresses to sew every year! But this year I was glad that I could make two dresses because I had two ideas in mind. The Maggie Mae dress was the easy project! This dress was a challenge! A big challenge! When I saw Dominique Ver Eecke’s fabrics appearing on Mondepot, the red leaf fabric got my attention straight away. When I picked it up at Katelijne’s place, she asked me for which project the fabric was. No idea at that time! But I just needed to have this fabric! It’s special. Not only the print but also the texture. It doesn’t wrinkle! Nice when you don’t like to iron like me…

Compagnie-M_birthday_dress_Nore 5
Compagnie-M_birthday_dress_Nore 1

For this second B-day dress a crazy idea started to grow. I wanted to use this fabric, but in combination with a pattern that didn’t ‘break’ the print. So I wanted to keep it in 1 piece. But how do you add some volume then? Without just ending with a simple A-line dress. That would not be a perfect B-day dress of my princess I thought. I started thinking about folding the fabric, matching the print and adding volume at the waist height. I drew a pattern, specially for this fabric! I started from the Louisa bodice part, added small sleeves and then tried to get a lot of volume by making pleats. 

Compagnie-M_birthday_dress_Nore 4

This was absolutely not an easy project! For the pattern, I did get some help from my teacher (thanks Alma). I learned a lot from this project. For example that prints are not always perfectly parallel. Not in this case!! So it was a difficult assignment to get the print right, but at the end I’m fairly happy with the result. The blind zipper was the most difficult part! I also learned that being patient helps! I took 4 evenings to sew this dress. Never took me so much time to finish a project. I prepared everything in detail to get the ‘perfect result’. And it is not perfect at all, but as perfect as I could. Nore was very happy with the result! Me too. That’s what counts when you take your time again and sew just for fun!

Compagnie-M_birthday_dress_Nore 3
Compagnie-M_birthday_dress_Nore 2

This weekend you will see both princesses in their dresses discovering their birthday presents: new rooms. Can you imagine that I had to empty my sewing room to give Nore her own bedroom…. Mixed feelings here!


Now let’s go back to Mondepot! I contacted Katelijne and asked if she had more of this fabric left because it had disappeared from her shop. Sold out! OMG! Such a pity! But but but… She still has 130cm left, she wants to give away… to you!!! How fantastic is that!? This is the most special fabric I have ever worked with. So grab your chance to win this very-beautiful-Ver Eecke-unique-piece-of-fabric.

You can enter the contest HERE.

It’s an international contest. Open to every one until Sunday. Good luck!

Edit 17 February: Lila S. from the Netherlands has won this fabric. Congratulations!

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