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When I first met Gabriella (8yo), I was charmed by this little girl. She has such a sweet smile and is really photogenic! From her side, she is really fond of Nore and Lisa. Every time I pass her house, she asks about the girls. So I definitely felt like sewing something for her. I think until now, she is probably the poorest girl I’ve met in Breb. Overall I have the impression that this sewing project is a nice way to meet the locals, but in this case I really have the feeling that I’m helping her. Gabriella lives with her parents, brother, 3 cows, some pigs, rabbits and a lot of chicken in an old wooden house.

When she saw one of my sewing books ‘Allemaal rokjes‘ her choice was easily made. A circular skirt it had to be! I think she made a perfect choice, because I noticed she’s an avid dancer! The Lush fabric by Michael Miller is a perfect choice again to go with this very simple pattern. This fabric was sponsored by Mirabelle. Thanks a lot, I’m sure you made a fantastic girl very happy!
Making a circular skirt is really the most easy project every. If you feel like sewing a garment for the very first time, I think this one is a very good pattern to practise! With this right fabric, you can have a very beautiful result… I finished the skirt with an elastic because I think this way I have the most chance that the skirt will fit. Always an exiting moment when it’s been tried on for the first time.  Like last time, I used thread that was sponsored by Georgette. Thanks again! I had just enough fabric to make the skirt in one piece! I only had to add a waistband and finished… I’ll surely be making more circular skirt in the future! What kind of animal lives in this hole you think?

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