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Compagnie-M_Maramures_Breb_4Hello from Maramures! We made it and it’s great! But we kind of already knew that, other wise we wouldn’t never have chosen this place for our adventure… So maybe it’s more appropriate to say: it’s still exactly like in our dreams! Fantastic! After driving for 3 days Bjorn arrived in Cluj, where he came to pick us up at the airport. The ladies were travelling the luxurious way! By plane… From Cluj, we moved to Breb. Visiting this village is like travelling back in time. People live in wooden houses in a self-sufficient way. It’s hay harvest season, so people are working really hard at the moment. We stay at Babou: a campsite & hostel owned by a very friendly Dutch young couple that moved here two years ago. They bought the house, but had to give the previous owner (a very old lady) a place to stay with them! I think this grandmother became Lisa & Nore’s best friend, because she’s their cookies provider at the moment! Njam!

Yesterday, I had the chance to create my very first Romanian sewing moment. During the afternoon nap, I drew a new pattern that was in my head for a long time already. I kind of ‘flipped’ my own shirt pattern to a skirt. At first I drew a basic A-line skirt by hand! Normally I draw everything directly with the computer, but yesterday I just took a blanket, my pattern drawing book and started drawing this new pattern the traditional way… For the fabrics I had some options, but I choose the orange fabric as a tribute to the Dutch owners. Orange is ‘the Dutch colour’, that dominates the country from the time there is something special to celebrate.
The round shape of the yoke was my inspiration to make big round pockets at both sides… I took exactly the same pattern piece! The coordinating fabric for the waistband and pockets is another ‘Great Flower Design’ for an unknown brand. The orange one is from the Ki & Ko webshop. I added some blue piping to accentuate the big round pockets. All children love pockets and Nore was really happy with this extra large ones! The pockets go from the front towards the back! Difficult to show, so I turned the skirt 180°! 
To be honest, I was a little bit lazy and under time pressure when I was making this skirt. I would love to change the waistband with the elastic to one with a blind zipper version, but I didn’t had the time or energy left… But I love the model, that’s for sure. What do you think about this one? A new pattern option or not? Just a small note for my little guest series: I’ll move An’s post to Sunday, because posting tomorrow would be rather fast after this very long one….

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