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Help and get helped: Dotta Sews

On one of my previous post Dotta left a very nice comment and I always try to check the blogs of my readers, so this way I found her very new but very cute blog! I love the pictures she makes with this little birdhouse. And of course the garments she sews! She has a very good taste when it comes to choosing fabrics. Here she is: Dotta from Dotta Sews!


Hi everyone!
I’m overjoyed that Marte asked me to guest post this week, I love her blog and I find her really inspiring! I live in Venice, Italy, and I’m a “naptime seamtress”, as I’ve started sewing when I was on maternity leave. Now I have a full-time job again, and I turned to a “late-night seamstress”!
When she asked me to guest post, she basically gave me free reign on what to write about (is she insane?), which could be bad thing. I’m relatively new to sewing – I have been sewing for about two years now –  and am self-taught, but I sew A LOT, especially for my two years old daughter. That’s why I really didn’t know what to focus on. I found an answer when I read Marte’s post “One pattern, two styles”: Marte is a Japanese patterns lover like me! So I decided to talk about a Japanese pattern book I’m pretty obsessed with. It’s “Basiques pour petites filles”, a French translation of a book by Yuki Araki. All the patterns are lovely, but I the one I’m in love with is a dress/tunic with square neckline. I’ve sewn it three times already! This is the last one! And, ladies and gentlemen, it was originally an man’s shirt!
I loved the basic checked fabric of the original dress, so I tried to make my own, upcycled version. The square neckline looks complicated, but it’s really easy, even for an almost-beginner like me. The original version has no buttons on the back, but when I finished sewing the upper part of the dress, I discovered that my daughter’s head couldn’t go through the neck-opening! I had to use my ingenuity and find the way to add some buttons on the back. I cut the top back in two parts, and added some white bias tape, folding it inside to hide it. On one side, I inserted three button loops between the fabric and the bias tape, folded the tape on the inside (without folding it again as we normally do white bias tape) and sewed it. This way I made the back top about 1 cm tighter, but it still fitted my daughter.
And this is another try: a polka dots tunic! (fabric by FranceDuval-Stalla). At first I wanted to match it with a Stella Skirt by Compagnie M. in the same color of the neckline but unfortunately I didn’t have the time to sew it, so I used for the picture a pair of shorts I had already made with another pattern from the same book. And if someone is asking themselves where the third version of this tunic is…well, I made it for myself!

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  • Olga Becker says:

    Very cute. Great job!

  • Pienkel says:

    Lovely pattern, and fun to see the different versions!

  • Dotta Sews says:

    Thank you Marte! I can’t wait to see more pictures of you sewing in Romania!

  • pixidance says:

    Nice save on the first one. It looks perfect. I’d never have guessed that it wasn’t supposed to have buttons :)

    I love them both. That square neck is really lovely.

  • Marta says:

    Hi Dotta! I’ve found your blog the same way Marte did and emediatly fel in love with your creations!
    As soon as I knew you were from Italy I woundered where you were from as I lived in Venice some years ago. Discovering that you live there is a sutch a nice surprise!

  • Irene V. says:

    Great to found you here, Dotta :)
    Your creations are so sweet and you’ve been so clever to add button… smart girl :)
    MammaNene @ SergerPepper

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