Help and get helped: Elegance & Elephants

Our Maramures trip is almost halfway and I love this adventure so far! We moved again from Breb to Breb and probably we will stay in this small town for the rest of our holiday! I think this is what they call slow tourism… At the moment we are living together with a family on a small farm. Ileana, our hospita, is probably one of the most friendly lady I’ve ever met! Together with her husband, her mother, her son and some animals, we have such a great time. Living together with a Romanian family gives us even more the chance to try to understand the way they live. Our Romanian is really improving because only the son speaks some poor English, but I love it this way. We can’t get more into contact with locals I guess. This was really what we were looking for: we couldn’t travel more slow and intense then we do at this very moment. We worked on the field together, I learned some traditional cooking, I went with Ileana to work (she’s a vet) and tomorrow we go to the church.  I have so much impressions that I want to share with you, but I just don’t find the time to do so. Sometimes it’s frustrating me but I just have to accept it. I have more sewing projects that are finished and such lovely pictures I still need to share! Oh I wish a day was a little bit longer from time to time….

On top of my ‘to share list’ is the amazing tutorial written by Heidi from Elegance & Elephants. She kind of flipped my playsuit pattern into a dress. So funny, because actually I was inspired by a dress when I drew this playsuit pattern! I love her creations a lot and of course this one is one of my favourite. So if you feel like flipping my playsuit pattern to a dress? Download my free pattern and op over to E&E! Thanks a lot Heidi for this amazing tutorial! It’s awesome…


And secondly some impression pics! Just to give you an idea of the beauty of our stay in Maramures…

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