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Help and get helped: FrancesSuzanne

I think since the marvellous Flip this pattern series started, the blogging sisters FrancesSuzanne don’t need to be introduced anymore! This month you can sew along and create a flipped version of the Roller Skate Dress by Oliver and S. As you’ve read in my latest posts: it’s a great pattern with a lot of possibilities to create something completely flipped with it! I have something in mind already but I’ll have to wait till I’m in Romania… In the meanwhile FrancesSuzanne will introduce you another fabulous O&S pattern! With this gorgeous fabric, it suits this cute little niece of them perfectly.


Hi, Compaigne M. readers!! We are thrilled to be here with you, sharing a little of our summer sewing that has been put off for way too long….

When Marte asked if we’d like to share something with you while she was off doing good works in Romania, we immediately decided we would complete an item on our ‘to do’ list – one that had been waiting on us since we went fabric shopping last Christmas vacation.
ENTIRELY too long to have such cute fabric waiting in the wings!
And, how appropriate….following one of Marte’s latest posts about her recent sewing with Oliver and S?
You see, today, we chose to share with you: The Seashore Dress by Oliver and S. While we love Oliver and S patterns, this is one we had yet to sew! And, yet again, the results have us swooning to do more of them!!
The Seashore Dress is a wonderful, summer staple around these parts.
It is cool, refreshing, and practical for our action-packed two year old niece….
And after you say, “She sells seashells by the seashore” five times quickly…..wrap your tongue around this saying, “She eats blueberries by the blueberry bush” instead. You know, since there are NO seashells, and since the only seashore around here is the title of the dress pattern! Much more appropriate, wouldn’t you say??
We chose to sew this pattern ‘as is’….in order to get a feel for the components of it. The only additions we made were to add piping around the front and back sections of the dress.
When we sew this dress again, it will include either piping on the pockets or a contrasting fabric for the interior section of the pocket piece – drawing a bit more attention to that area of the dress.
We sewed a size 2T with no modifications. This pattern gave us insight into how our niece is currently fitting in Oliver and S sizes. The 2T seemed to be a ‘perfect fit’ for her currently, with this style of garment.
Of course, baby sister couldn’t go without a little Oliver and S love, so we made her the Oliver and S tea party dress with seashore bloomers to wear underneath. Our sister {aka: sister “momma”, the niece’s mom} doesn’t dress the girls matchy-matchy much, but this was a subtle match that everyone can be happy about…
Tomorrow, we’ll be blogging about CL’s outfit over at FrancesSuzanne. We’d love for you to come visit us then, and check out the finished product!!
Again, thanks Marte, for giving us this opportunity to share a little something with your friends today! Good luck in your travels….and be assured the blogging world eagerly anticipates stories from your journey!!

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  • Beautiful! The Seashore dress is one of my favorite patterns (I have sewn it three times!) and can take on such different looks with various fabrics. LOVE your fabric choice!!

  • Jerri says:

    I’ve done this dress four times now. I LOVE the piping you did! Such a nice touch. I have to make a few modifications for ours, but most importantly, our daughter always wants those pockets bigger.

  • Maria says:

    what a lovely dress!

  • Karen says:

    The dress is adorable on the beautiful Miss EA! The color suits her perfectly. You did it again, though. You have made me want to purchase another pattern. I. do. not. need. any. more. patterns. I have gotten three O+S patterns in the past week and all because of your gorgeous creations. I am closing my eyes now. Oh, no, I can still see EA standing there in that sweet little dress. DRAT!

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