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Help and get helped: S is for sewing

Ana Sofia from S is for Sewing is one of my all time favourite bloggers. A couple of weeks ago she made such a perfect Mara blouse! What a stunning result!! Ana Sofia recently made a perfect flipped version of the Tinny pattern and just participated in the Debbie dress pattern tour! Make sure to visit her blog! You’ll love it, I’m sure…

I had discovered Marte’s blog quite recently (recommended by a common friend) when Marte asked me to be part of her “blog helpers”. I immediately felt in love with Marte’s sense of style and flawless sewing (I’m pretty sure you all agree) and it’s been lovely to follow her journey during the last couple of weeks (I was lucky to work in Romania a couple of years ago, so this is a journey that speaks close to my hearth).

The only directions I got from Marte was to write about “sewing for kids”. So, and despite having great plans (which usually don’t work as life always gets in the way, and I should know better by now) I decided to focus on a piece of clothing that is worn (almost) on a daily basis around here: the summer bubble shorts (my most used pattern this season is the Léon from Pappilon & Mandarine, written in French but quite easy to follow). When I tested Marte’s upcoming pattern a couple of weeks ago, my daughter paired the Mara blouse with a pair of Oliver+S shorts done only a couple of months before.

While editing the photos, I realized that the shorts were already a bit too short/tight on her legs. Obviously she needed a new pair of shorts and I hope that these will last her until the end of the season (obviously, my expectations don’t go much further than that).
The bubble shorts have been quite a popular style this season and I do like the fact that they look so cute on little legs and are so comfy to wear. Although I love to sew dresses for my girl, I know shorts get a lot more wear with my girl – they are perfect for climbing, playing, running, … Basically, for making the most of being a child. Here are a few of the other versions of this pattern I made her (and that still fit). I’ve been sewing for my girl for the last 4 years and currently most of her wardrobe is handmade. I plan ahead (and buy fabric and patterns in advance) and make everything as the season progresses. Nevertheless, I still need to master the “sizing issue” as somehow she “starts” the season wearing one size and the months go by, unless there’s enough hem to be used, everything gets too short :-) Well, I guess at least I have an excuse to sew some more … Thank you for having me here, Marte! Enjoy, Ana Sofia


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