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Help and get helped: Suburbia Soup

Today’s guest on my ‘help and get helped’ little series is Venus from Suburbia Soup. She’s one of my all time favourite bloggers that was willing to test my Mara blouse pattern some weeks ago! Her feedback was so useful and she advised me to make an extra option for the pattern to turn it into a A line dress. Such an easy way to upgrade my pattern! I surely will ad this dress option. Thanks a lot for your help, Venus! I love your work sooo much… Keep up the good work!
Happy weekend everybody!
Happy-happy indeed.
When Marte asked if I could guest post while she was away, I gleefully accepted. “Oh this will be easy“, I thought.
I first thought about doing a post about her upcoming patternnah, I already did. Then I thought about her uber cool romperah, dang! Heidi already did that! And like a light switch, I remembered a pattern of hers that I downloaded sometime back.
Yes! Yes! This is it!
I added this back in the spring to my ‘make’ list and
Another project marked off my list.
The fabric is a lightweight sweater kind of knit. I’m sure there’s a proper name for it, I just don’t know. I love the vibrant colors and the zig zag, chevron-y pattern is still hot right now.  I decided to for go the hem on both the sleeve and the bottom, but that may change. I’m curious to see how it’ll look after a couple of washings. We shall see.

The front of the tee looks pretty straightforward. Short sleeves, ribbing around the neck, somewhat formfitting…
all ‘work’ in the front. 
Turn around…
It’s a party in the back!

So what to pair with such a fun top? Oh sure, leggings would go, but lets take it to another level, shall we?

I’ve been seeing little maxis around the internet and they are so-SO cute on little girls, so I had to make one. Now originally my intent was to make a skirt. Just a simple A-line with elastic. Well the elastic didn’t turn out and because I am too lazy to whip out the seam ripper and go to work, I ended up cutting along the seam removing both elastic and casing

 Capitol L to the “azy”.
Due to my “laziness”, I then realized my maxi was not so maxi. 
“I am smarter than the skirt… I am smarter than the skirt”
The answer to my dilemma? A fold over waist band! The length is intact, my sanity is intact and not only did I have a skirt, but…It doubles as a dress! HA! Take that, skirt!
Lala loves the feel of the jersey knit and I love how it shows off her tootsie rolls on her arms.
This is a great weekend sewing project. The tee came together lickety-split and the skirt was equally quick and easy.
Thank you, Marte!

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