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Help and get helped!

The day we decided to plan a long Romania trip, I got really excited and afraid at the same time. Such a nice idea to sew for the Romanian children, spend a lot of time with Lisa & Nore and just relax! On the other hand I was wondering how I could keep my blog up and runny when I’m not even sure that I’ll have internet every day? I invested a lot of time to get a little bit know the last 3 months and I surely want to keep Compagnie M. up and running.

The most obvious plan was to ask my new blogging friends (I think that sounds better then colleagues!) to help me keep the blog alive. So project ‘help and get helped’ is born. Actually it’s amazing list of guest bloggers that will post about a kids sewing project every Friday!
This are the blogging friends I will welcome starting… today!
* 28th of June: Erika L.
* 5th of July: Frances Suzanne
* 12th of July: Straight Grain
* 19th of July: Dotta sews
* 26th of July: Sanae Ishida
* 2nd of August: Elegance & Elephants
* 9th of August: Suburbia Soup
* 16th of August: S is for sewing
* 23rd of August: Surprise guest post! You?
* 30th of August: Behind the hedgerow
Now it’s a little weird to announce this ‘series’, because to be honest: I have no idea when we will actually be able to leave. Bjorn is struggling with severe back problems! I’m taking care of Lisa & Nore, so ‘help and get helped’ is also more than welcome even when I’m still at home. I have the impression that sewing or blogging is not an evidence at the moment….
As you can see: I have kept one date available for a surprise guest post! Actually I want to give you the chance to participate is this project. Sometimes when series are announced, I think: would be nice to be in such a great list one day! So if you have the same feeling right now: just leave a comment with a link to your blog and maybe you’ll be my guest post the 23rd of August!
Today I’m glad to announce my very first guest: Erika L. 
I got to know Erika L. when she was participating in my sew along session. She made a very cute little version of my pattern that I would like to share with you! In September we’ll be following a pattern drawing course together. I’m so happy to meet her in real life soon…
Hi all!
How exciting to write my first guest post! (actually my first sewing blog post ever!). I was really happy when Marte asked me to kick off her series of guest posts. She asked me to write a little piece about the Charles pants I sewed a couple of weeks ago. Neither of you will know me, as I don’t have a blog or FB page (I’m probably an exception!). Nevertheless, the idea is growing on me, so you might hear from me again soon.
So, a little bit about myself and my sewing skills: I started a sewing course about three years ago.  As the teacher didn’t really explain the different steps, I did not have the feeling I was learning a new skill and I lost my motivation along the way. Besides, all the clothes I made in the course, were too ugly to ever be worn it in public! When we left for Brazil last year (my husband went to work there while I took a sabbatical), I took my sewing machine with me on the plane (I’ll leave you to imagine the reaction of the officers at security check!). I was pregnant and had loads of time to sew. It was a perfect opportunity to give it another go. I discovered all those amazing blogs about sewing, which gave me heaps of inspiration, AND taught me how to sew. So thanks go out to all of you!
Now, back to the Charles pants and Compagnie M. Right from the start, I was a really big fan of Compagnie M. I adore the beautiful patterns Marte draws herself. Since she started her blog, it seems like she hasn’t slept anymore. Every single week she releases a lovely new pattern!  Unfortunately I haven’t used many of her patterns yet. We now have that little boy I was pregnant from and while I’m quiet open-minded about clothes for boys, Compagnie M.’s patterns are really for girls… But then Compagnie M. released the Charles pants and I immediately saw my little Luiz in this cute pants! I didn’t hesitate a second when Marte set up a sew-along for the Charles pants!
To be honest, I was a really afraid when I started cutting my fabric. There are quite a few pattern pieces and it seemed quite complicated! I had only sewed easy baby pants until then, so it was a real challenge for me! Luckily, Compagnie M. took us through all the different steps with a clear explanation and clarifying pictures. Week by week it became clear to me how to sew this pants! I didn’t use the piping, as I found the contrasting fabric already accentuating again. Instead of bottoms, I used my new kam snaps and I can’t believe I haven’t discovered this earlier! I hate regular buttons (at least to sew them) while the kam snaps are so easy to use and just perfect for baby clothes! For the fabric I used a recycled jeans and a little bit of petit pan for the contrasting fabric. By the way, for those who don’t know it yet, Petit Pan has opened a shop in Antwerp. I really can’t walk past the shop without entering!
I sewed the pants for a 1.5 year old toddler, far too big for my little man with his 9 months. When I asked Marte if the pattern could be adapted easily, she recommended me a pattern designing course here in Antwerp that she will follow herself next year. And guess what!? I enrolled for this course, so I will meet Marte in September in real life. I can’t wait to start drawing patterns myself and I will definitely learn a lot from Marte. So, as I said, I sewed a pair of pants that are way too big for my son. During the latest few years, there’s been a real baby boom among our friends, but unfortunately no 1.5 year old!!  So after some pictures of the pants at the terrace wall, I decided to give the pants a try on my model. The pictures came out quite funny! Luiz will have to wait for his new pair of funky trousers until next spring!

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  • Marta says:

    I love those pants, Erika!
    And Marte, I would love to be a part of your blog in August!
    Here is my blog:

  • dotta says:

    I have to try this pattern too!
    Marte, thank you VERY much for including me among these amazing bloggers! I’m soooo honored!

  • Maria says:

    The charles pants are on my to-do list, too! My holidays have just stardeted so I hope I’ll get the time to sew a pair or two!
    Ilocve your version, thy’re really cool.

  • Beautiful pants.
    I would love a chance at appearing on your blog, I’m only very new to the blogging world but have been sewing for over 20 years.
    My blog is
    However most of my items I’ve made lately are on my facebook page, its called Jessica Sew and Sew.
    Have a wonderful trip when you finally get there and hopefully there is a spot of internet availability for you every now and then.

  • Those pants are adorable!

    You already have two wonderful offers but I’ll still add my own. I’d be honored to be featured on your blog. My blog is It’s not very old and still very much a work in progress.

    I hope you’ll be able to leave for your trip soon. Back problems are awful.

  • sisforsewing says:

    The pants look adorable on such an adorable little boy (gorgeous eyes!)!
    I do love the colorful pockets and hem bands – These would fit him in no time (babies always grow so fast …)
    Thank you Marte for having me on your list as well! It will be my first time as a “blog helper”, lol

  • What a neat idea…. I love how you opened it up to interested parties!! It’s a great way to ‘find’ other bloggers that share similar tastes/interests. Thanks for allowing us a chance to share on your site…we look forward to ‘meeting’ your readers!

  • I love the pants. And I love the idea of keeping your blog alive with guests. I too would love to be a part of your blog if you are still looking. You can find me at

    • Marte Lambin says:

      Hi Rebecca, I gave the post to Marta as she was the first to leave a comment! But I’m sure I’ll be organising a series again one day and a surprise post will be there again! M

  • Natalie R says:

    Hello Marte,

    I am Natalie from Canada. I only started blogging in January but am slowly finding my niche in small DIY projects and sewing (quilts, children’s garments, etc…)

    What a great idea you have of finding guest bloggers! I would LOVE to guest post on your blog in August (or any other time actually!!). So please, add me to your list of hopefuls…

    Thank you and best of luck (health wise, kid wise and travel wise!) :-)


  • Hi Marte…really enjoying your blog – and am very intrigued about your trip to Maramures. I spent a month in Romania, mainly transylvania, a few years back. And loved it! Such a beautiful country and people. And amazing textiles! Do try to send the odd post from your trip…I’d love to hear details. Sewing finds?
    I was going to put my name in the ring for your vacant-blogger slot but looks like you’ve filled it. If you’re ever looking for guest posts again, I’d be happy to contribute. Would love it if you’d take a look over at my teeny new blog,

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