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Hi, my name is Dirk!

By Wednesday,23 November,2016Blog

Hi, my name is Dirk. I was born about 1 months ago! I have been crocheted by Marte, but my best buddy is Lisa. Actually she decided that I’m not a male dragon but a female one. Can you tell? She told her mom a touch of bling had to be added and to be honest: I love it! Lisa has a great sense of style don’t you think?



Being Lisa’s best friend is so special. She takes me everywhere. She’s just so sweet to me. But in the night, she sometimes squeezes me a bit to hard. But that’s probably what friends are for right?



I have the most beautiful spikes, but they are only decorative. I would never ever harm anyone.



From time to time I do feel like literally trying to spread my wings, but I just can’t…. I’m already 70cm tall, can you imagine?


And to be honest I prefer just to stay with Lisa. For the rest of my life!



Dragon Dirk

PS/ I was designed by Lalylala! And if you want to create your own dragon: do give it a try: the pattern is super clear and suitable for beginners!


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