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Hoodie sweater

By 15/03/2013Blog, Hoodie

His hoodie sweater is simple but really nice. A couple of times through the overlock machine, adding some seams and ready! A good idea for every one in search for a sewing project without having a lot of time.  It’s again a pattern from ‘Stof-voor-durf-het-zelvers’, but to be honest you wouldn’t tell. The examples in the book are sportive but I turned it into a more classic version. Just to try something different (and because I had this fabrics waiting to be used). I’m convinced that the choice of your fabrics can turn one pattern into really different results. The fabrics are both from Interconfex a shop in Antwerp that is about to close (50% reduction on everything now). But this week I saw that the grey one is also for sale at Moens (Antwerp).

This sweater goes by the way with a nice anecdote: in the morning after a sewing evening, Lisa always fit my creations. But the week before she got a sweater for her great-grandmother with a little flower attached at the front. She fits my hoodie, it looks great but then she goes searching for a flower, a nice detail,… Then she is really disappointed and the sweater is disapproved! She’s only 2 years but she knows what she wants. I added the little flower and Lisa loves it now. 
The tutorial for the flower I found through Pinterest on this nice website:
Thanks for the idea. It convinced Lisa.

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