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Ileana Feasibility Test

By Monday,26 October,2015Contest - 2015, Plain & Simple

From the moment the Ileana Dress pattern was launched, we immediately considered to organise an Ileana workshop. Since it was still summer, we did the feasibility test with a half circular skirt, the raglan bodice, pockets, a cute collar and a faux button placket decorated with cherries buttons.

The workshop was a big success ! Every one was enthusiastic and at 6 am next day we already received text messages and pictures from the girls trying the dresses. 

We can honestly say that we never had 6 unique and marvellous dresses in 6 hours.  I hope every one has send their cre@tion so every one can see you can make this beautiful, versatile dress with little experience !

One pattern, more than 20 different dresses, what a luxury that is …


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