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Introducing: the Mailbox Surprise series!

By 22/11/2013Blog, Series

In this digital era where emails, Facebook and Skype seem to rule the world, I’m always happy when I receive some ‘physical post’: a greeting card or even better: a package! When I sent a package with my very first Swing skirt to Marta from DoGuincho, we both got really excited. Marta loved the idea of receiving a gift from me and I just hoped that Marta would be happy with the content of the package. It was around that time that Marta & I decided to host a series together and ask some great bloggers to send packages all over the world. We don’t want them to send finished garments like we did, but lovely fabrics and some extra sewing supplies. Ironically Mailbox Surprise was born after ‘Skype-ing’ for a couple of hours!

So the basic idea of Mailbox Surprise is easy: sending packages with lovely fabrics and other sewing supplies all over the world. But we wanted to make it even more special and added a surprise element. The receiver will not know who will be sending the gift, which part of the world it will come from and even better what it will contain! So it’s really a surprise… Eventually when the package arrives, the receiver’s challenge is to find the right pattern that matches the fabric perfectly. And then of course we will have a series to show you everyone’s creation. We have no idea how long it will take to get these packages at the right destination so that’s why we’re announcing this series today, even though the tour will only start in January!

First of all I would like to present you our impressive list of participants! We tried to bring together some seamstresses that live all around the world.


How will we handle this? We asked all participants to fill out a fabric ‘do’s & don’ts’ list and to set up a Pinterest board. All this information was gathered by us. Today we will distribute the right list to the sender with all the information about the fabric taste of it’s receiver… All participants will have to go fabric shopping next week and send a surprise package to the right destination! Then we will have to wait and see how long it takes for all the packages to arrive… Exciting, no? You will probably see ‘Mailbox suprise’ popping up all over these blogs the coming weeks because they might blog about their fabric taste, experience when sending the package and of course when opening the ‘Mailbox Surprise’!

And it’s not finished yet: Marta & I also wanted to surprise each other again, so we will also send each other a surprise pack, but just between the two of us! So Marta: here are two small moodboards to show you what I like! I also created a Pinterest board. You can find the links to all the fabrics I’ve showed there!I can’t wait to see what type of fabric Marta wil be sending to me. But I’m sure it will be a lovely surprise package!

Colors I like!


Fabrics I like!

Next week Marta & I wil show you a teaser of the package we’ll be sending! I already made my pictures and I have the impression that Marta and my readers will love them… So see you next week?

By the way: if you feel like spreading the word about this series, you can copy paste our small button to your blog. Thanks a lot!

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