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Introduction of a new pattern: the Ileana dress

By 17/07/2015Blog

Since some test pictures are starting to pop-up over the social media, I thought it’s time to present my new pattern: the Ileana dress. I only had the chance to take pictures today, although I have 4 dresses ready for some weeks already. Hope you like my sneak preview picture? I couldn’t make a small selection for this blogpost, so sit back and relax. :)

Compagnie-M_retro_ileana_dress 3

A while ago, I’ve sewn my very first peter pan collar ever and I loved the result. That’s why I drew some collars for my new pattern: the Ileana dress. Only afterwards I added other elements….

Compagnie-M_retro_ileana_dress 4

In the same period Nina came over to visit me. Together with her family we went to a great antique shop in Ghent, where I bought this amazing fabric for only 7 euro. It’s a really old one, so I didn’t dare to prewash it. I hope it will survive the washing machine test.

Compagnie-M_retro_ileana_dress 1

This first Ileana dress turned out exactly how I had it mind. After I had sewn this version I went through my button stash and found the perfect buttons, bought at Georgette a long time ago.

Compagnie-M_retro_ileana_dress 6

The Ileana pattern will have a lot of options an possibilities for interchangeability with my other patterns like the Louisa, Mara blouse and Lotta dress.

Compagnie-M_retro_ileana_dress 10

But let’s focus on this Ileana first. It has a regular bodice (the other option is a raglan bodice), cap sleeves, a round collar, a faux button placket, a full circular skirt and drop shaped pockets.

Compagnie-M_retro_ileana_dress 7

I mustn’t tell you that Nore adores the circular skirt. Everyday she asks now: can I wear my ‘zwierkleedje’? No idea how to translate it!

Compagnie-M_retro_ileana_dress 9

And the rest? Well: just pictures for now. I’ll show you a 2nd dress next week. A raglan sleeve option. My personal favourite one!

Compagnie-M_retro_ileana_dress 2

Compagnie-M_retro_ileana_dress 5


And yes, I think she deserved a cookie after the photoshoot! She was super happy and I think you can tell from these pictures…

Compagnie-M_retro_ileana_dress 11

Compagnie-M_retro_ileana_dress 12

And of course I just kept taking pictures! The light was just so beautiful… Oh by the way: I’ll launch this pattern on the last day of July or the first day of August! It will be a surprise. :)

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