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Janne dress with button loop closure: tutorial

By 19/12/2017Blog

At the moment more and more Janne dresses pop up online. I must not tell you that this is the icing on the cake for a pattern designer. Seeing your interpretation of my pattern is always a special moment.

Maarika from Liivi & Liivi tested my Janne dress for me and she used a beautiful jacquard fabric to make a casual Janne! You can see more pictures on her blog. Make sure to check it out!

She did make a small change to my pattern and because I think this might be interesting for many of you, I decided to explain how to add a button loop like this.

  1. Adjust the back panels: add 1cm seam allowance to the center back line and cut the pattern piece on this line
  2. Sew the dress as explained in the instructions. Add the collar, but don’t topstitch the seam allowance yet.
  3. Pin both back panels right sides together and sew at 1cm from the edge. Leave the top 10cm open.
  4. Fold the seam allowance of the 10cm opening 1cm inwards.
  5. Make a small button loop. Hair elastics are my favourite button loops as they stretch and are available in many colours!
  6. Top stitch the seam allowance of both back panels at pressure foot width and sew the elastic in between.
  7. Fold the outer ends of the back neckline 1cm inwards. Also fold the seam allowance of the collar inwards. This way you fold the seam allowance over the elastic. Top stitch the seam allowance at pressure foot width .

I used this working method on my own Lotta-Louisa remix dress too!

Thanks Maarika for inspiring us. You’ve been a great support to me through out the last years my friend!

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