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Judith dress: a free pattern for girls (1 – 10yo)!

By 29/03/2017Blog

+++ Update +++

The Judith dress is a big success. Therefore we would love to thanks for all your sweet reactions on our free pattern. You can’t believe how much this support means to us. If you tried the Judith and you appreciate all the hard work, you can make a small donation. It’s a new feature on our website that we would love to try. You can donate whatever you want: from 1euro to…  We’ll that’s up to you. Of course it’s not an obligation but we believe that this way of working might be the future. Why not pay as you wish? Every euro is important to make our small business grow. So every donation is highly appreciated.

After you added an amount, you can check out through your shopping cart or add more patterns. ;) Thanks a lot for your support!

+++ Original blogpost +++

Do you know the Judith dress pattern? Probably not! It’s my new sewing pattern for girls (1 – 10 yo) and guess what… IT’S FOR FREE!!! Really!!!  You can just hop over to the shop and get your free PDF version right now. Or it might be a good idea to discover all the details first? The dress seems to have endless mix & match options. I hope you’ll like it!


But why oh why do I share this dress pattern for free? Just because I would like to thank you. I’ve just hit over 10.000 likes on Facebook and I thought that this support deserved something in exchange.

I received some stunning Charley Harper fabric from Fabricworm to write a tutorial on the new bow collar and along the way I started designing a new dress. Just like that… because I wanted to.

I took instructions pictures, finished the dress and asked some of my Compagnie M. testers what they though about the idea of sharing this dress for free. Well today you can guess their answer, right?

So let’s introduce the Judith dress. It’s a girly dress pattern with some cute little details. Of course the bow collar is the first eye catcher. I choose this name for the bow as it’s sewn in between the neckline. So it’s a combination between a collar and a bow. Actually it’s just a rectangle, so it’s super easy to sew. You can discover in the instructions how to make your own version.

I think you can officially state that I entered a pink stage and obviously my girls don’t mind at all. I did add a touch of mustard yellow. Just enough so the bow can attract the attention.

But just when you think this is it, you discover that the back is rather special too. I had never tried an open back before but I love how it turned out. Nore didn’t want to take on her cardigan anymore after the photo shoot. Can I blame her?

In combination with a pleated skirt, the Judith is the perfect party dress! The twirl proves that right? But as with my other patterns this one is interchangeable too. So you might as well add the gathered skirt from the Lotta dress or the (half) circular skirt from the Ileana dress. They all fit. Check the instructions for a clear overview of the mix & match options. They seem endless. You can try a different collar or add some sleeves too. And even when you think the open back is too cold, you can just use the Ileana back pattern piece to make a winter proof version.

This pattern meets the same quality standard as my other patterns. So it includes a pattern WITH or WITHOUT seam allowance and a detailed step-by-step photo instructions (19 pages!) available in Dutch or English. ALL FOR FREE!!!

If you do want to support me in any way: I’d just love it when you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest. And don’t forget our new Instagram account filled with creations by you.

Spread the word! Feel free to share my message. #judithdress is the right hashtag! Thanks for all your support the last 4 years and I hope to spot some Judith dresses soon. Enjoy sewing.

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