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Julia sweater : Pattern tour by you – overview

Today the Julia sweater pattern tour by you has come to an end! I’ve seen so many great creations. I can’t stress enough how much I like how everyone tries to make own interpretations of my pattern! Organising this new type of tour was a nice way to discover new blogs but also new options that can be added to the pattern when you use the creativity that’s inside all of you.

I must say that it was a terribly difficult task to make a selection for this tour! That’s why I also want to show you all the other Julias that were send to me! Look at this cute mood board. So this way I would not only like to thank the tour participants but every one that send me these cute cute cute pictures. Head over to these ladies’ blogs to see some more details of their sweaters, dresses and jumpsuits!


A Bieke / B Katrien / C Fien / D Lies / E Katrien / F Sofie / G Deborah / H Laura / I Marie-Aude / J Nathalie

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