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Julia sweater pattern tour day 7

Today Lies and Kathleen have the honour to close another great pattern tour!

Let’s first start with Lies from Liesellove: She made 3 Julia sweaters in total. During the test her 2nd version was sewn with a Punta Di Roma, which resulted in a sweater that she can’t wear… :( So don’t forget this very important tip: when you choose a fabric with less vertical stretch, change the direction of the sleeves when you cut those and with very very little stretch, just cut the sleeves a little bit wider too, as explained in the instructions!


Also Kathleen from Jardins d’Elysse couldn’t resist sewing only one Compagnie M. garment: she ended up with 2 Julia sweaters and a Lotta! At first I thought that the combination with the Julia and Lotta would not be beautiful, but I have to admit: I was completely wrong! ;)


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  • Lies says:

    Ik vond het wederom top om te mogen testen :-) en sowieso zullen hier nog enige exemplaren volgen :-)

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