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Jumpsuit by Pieke Wieke

Through my link party ‘Join the Compagnie’ I got to know Pieke Wieke’s blog. She uploaded this too cute little jumpsuit! I’ve started following her in my blogroll straight away. She has send me this beautiful extra picture saying that it was not an easy assignment to get him posing for this one. Well I think she did a marvellous job!

The pattern she used is from ‘Kiind’: you can download this pattern is sizes 50 – 86 for free on their website! I always had the idea to make this cute little jumpsuit as a present for some friends. This version of Pieke Wieke convinced me to download the pattern straight away!
Fabric: Bambiblauw
KAM Snaps: Kleurenmix
And I think Pieke Wieke would not mind that I mention her give-away contest: so all Belgian readers: go to her blog and leave a nice little message for this talented blogger and maybe you’ll become the lucky owner of this ‘zever sjaaltje’!

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