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Jurken en shirtjes – Mara blouse

By 19/07/2014Mara-contest

I had seen many fun creations go past So when I received a note about a promotion with a cute pattern by Companie-M, I immediately signed up! The Mara blouse is Marte’s, the founder of Companie-M, first pattern. With this promotion she is looking to put the Mara blouse back in the spot light. I spent some time looking for this fabric. The blouse has a ‘touch of vintage’, so I was looking for a design in that style. Eventually I decided on ‘le bassin des bateaux’ by Atelier Brunette. A lovely design for summer!
It’s a wonderful pattern to follow; it can’t go wrong! The pattern is explained step by step and is accompanied by pictures. So it is also suitable for beginners (can I persuade anyone else? ;) Marablouse-6
The pattern provides several options for the sleeves. For this summer blouse I thought butterfly sleeves were best.
The details have not been forgotten! A button ‘on a stick’ was what was required. In the shop I still had my doubts whether this would become ‘the’ button, but… presto! Seems to have been conceived especially for this purpose, does it not? That teeny sail shape that is repeated on the button? Or am I seeing things?!
And now on my model (with a view across Frisian waters for bonus):
Fabric: ‘Le bassin des bateaux’ of Atelier Brunette with Bambiblauw .
Buttons: at the local fabric store

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