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Just because!

By 21/04/2015Blog, Dress

Just because I love this pattern! It’s easy and quick to sew. A perfect pattern for fabrics with stunning prints like this beauty from Stoffe & Koffe. What more do I need to say!?

Compagnie-M_rollerskate_dress_oliverands_retro 4
Compagnie-M_rollerskate_dress_oliverands_retro 5

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I don’t blog a lot anymore. I have so many ‘unblogged garments’, but I just don’t find a model that is willing to ‘pose’ for me. :( So I just let it be. You can catch a glimpse of my creations on Instagram if you like. Compagnie M. behind the scenes!

Compagnie-M_rollerskate_dress_oliverands_retro 1
Compagnie-M_rollerskate_dress_oliverands_retro 2
Compagnie-M_rollerskate_dress_oliverands_retro 3

Behind those scenes a lot is going on actually. The new A-line skirt and culottes pattern has been tested and approved! I still have to write the instructions and have the paper pattern printed, but I think I’m ready to launch in about 3,5 weeks time. Finally a completely new Compagnie M. pattern. What a relief! After releasing the paper patterns and reworking the Charles, this was exactly what I needed! I’ll launch the women version first, but I’m sure a girls’ version will follow soon…. Are you ready for some more daughter-mother outfits? ;)

Compagnie-M_rollerskate_dress_oliverands_retro 6
Compagnie-M_rollerskate_dress_oliverands_retro 7

Thanks for visiting my blog, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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