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Just sparkle!

By 23/11/2017Blog

I can’t deny that I’ve been in a knitting mojo, but this week I’ve sewn a party dress for Lisa (she kind of claimed the dress!)

This summer I went to a flea market in Mechelen and I bumped into Leen, that had a stand with gorgeous handmade stuff. I loved this design a lot and proposed to Leen to brainstorm at my place about an adjusted design for the dress. After a couple of drawings we ended up with this idea.

Because I choose a glitter sweat fabric, I’m sure the girls will fight for this one many many times!

The part dress is a basic A-line design with some clear lines, integrated pockets and a big collar. As you can see, we moved away from the original design without changing everything. I call it a fine-tuned version.

It has never been so easy to organise a photoshoot with my girls. I think they just feel so special when wearing this dress. Lisa is party proof! Now let’s make a 2nd version for Nore!

And how about you? Are you ready to sew some party outfits?

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