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Knitted mittens!

By 27/12/2017Blog

Lisa recently got a new coat so I wanted to knit her a pair of mittens to match with the bright yellow. I had a piece of Quince & co yarn left from my Dadirri cardigan (there is some light blue in the lining of her hood) but didn’t have enough so had to colour block and added more yellow to her outfit. In the end I love the result a lot actually…

While knitting I got a bit stressed. I knitted the first mitten till just about the thumb, but on the 2nd one I missed about 20cm. Luckily I had a long end on the first mitten. What a relief!

For the top part of the mittens I combined two other left over yarns. I took a bright yellow Merino from Katia and combined it with the mustard yellow yarn from Rowan that I used for the Quokka sweater. Now there is a bit of structure in the top part.

I used the Nette pattern from the first Jules & Julie book but changed the pattern to work in the round with my sock needles.. This way I could avoid a side seam, which I would find a bit annoying when wearing mittens.

Because of the lack of sun, I took these pictures on the go in the library where they have a lot of light. Hidden behind the wall, I gave Lisa soms instructions. She just went all the way! These are iPhone pictures, but I still like them a lot!

An extra quick question: would anyone be interested in a workshop ‘knitting mittens on sock needles’? Just let me know!

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