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La Casa Cactus- A Mara Blouse in the countryside!

Let me introduce you to the Mara Blouse I sewed for the Blog Tour.
I’m Elsa and I blog over at La Casa Cactus. My interest in sewing is rather new (only 4 years) but now, I’m deeply addicted! ​ I already had the Mara pattern in my ever expending pattern stash, but I never took the time to sew it. So I jumped on the occasion when Marte asked for international seamstresses to take part in a Mara Blog Tour.
My Mara is a bit different since my fabric being rather busy, the pintucks wouldn’t show perfectly, so, instead of sewing 3 tiny pintucks on each side, I made 2 larger pintucks. No button loop either, that’s ribbon (actually it’s bias sewn in half!). Size 6 was spot-on for my slim 8-year-old girl. I paired it with a A-line skirt and you get a perfect back-to-school look…that doesn’t prevent little girls to play! ​
A happy girl with an easy to live in blouse! ​​


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