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Lalylala… a babygift for Annika!

By 10/01/2018Blog
Lalylala butterfly

You probably know that once a year we organise a Sew Social meet-up with several European bloggers. Last year we went to Amsterdam. My dear friend Annika, was supposed to join us but last minute she decided that it was impossible to travel to the Netherlands. She was pregnant of her 3rd kid (a girl!) and in the first stage of her pregnancy she struggled a bit, so she had to stay at home. What a pity! I’m so happy that we took our time to visit her family before we travelled to Bosnia this summer. This way I could still admire her baby belly. We had such a beautiful day together. Thanks again Annika for hosting us… Lisa and Nore still talk about you! Really!!!

Back to the sew social meet ups. We decided to make small gifts for Annika’s baby girl. And since I knew that everyone would sew, I decided to give her a crocheted butterfly by Lalylala. A German designer! I was supposed to crochet the wings too, but it just took too much time. It would have been about 8 evenings of work… Can you imagine? I just couldn’t take the effort, so did introduce some sewing to my project.

The wings are sewn with a scrap from a fabric I bought in Berlin (hey, that’s German again!). A left over from this blouse. So I actually have the feeling that the little butterfly is going home! Her new home. Annika: I wish you and your family everything you wish for! Big hugs from all of us.

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