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Long-term plans were made by the end of summer: I would make partydresses for the girls by the yearend. I chose two different patterns and wanted to sew the dresses with similar fabrics. Thanks to the Compagnie M. contest one of these long-term-to do’s was already finalized this weekend!

For my 4-year old I made the Louisa dress. Leni currently wants to be a fairy when she grows up and is a real collector of all kinds of shiny stuff. On the other hand she also adores to climb in trees or bike as fast as she can. Thanks to a lovely pattern and two different fabrics, the dress is perfect to feel like a princess but also to take a walk in the park.

Since my first experience in combining fabrics, I really love matching up velours with other materials. The petrol velours is combined with a stunning fabric from Lotte Martens to add a little “bling bling” to the dress. I was able to order the “Vuurdoorn” panel already mid September through Bobby Sewing.

Leni and Louisa, it is a perfect match!

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