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Lesjardindelysse – Autumn Mara

Hello, I’m Kathleen from Belgium.
Since a few months I maintain a small blog at I would like to apoligise for my English, I am still a newby in blogland and it is the first time that I blog in a foreign language.
I am a huge fan of Marte’s patterns and I am very proud that she selected me for her pattern tour! The pattern of the Mara was already waiting for a long time to be sewn, but somehow it looked complicated to me (I normally sew rather easy things). The blog tour was what I needed to get me into action. Now I can assure everyone that it looks more complicated than it is!
Mara-1 mara-2 mara-3 mara-4 mara-5
For my 2 year old I choose an autumn version of the Mara, with the ¾ sleeves of the Louisa (also an adorible pattern) and I elongated it into a dress. As you can see, the dress isn’t just cute, but also perfect for playtime! I didn’t do a lot of crazy things with the pattern, but I love simple creations.
The fabric is out of the Fort Firefly collection from Birch. I am fond of every design from this collection. To give the dress an extra touch and to make it a little bit easier, I used prefab biais at the collar. I hope my creation is blogworthy. I found it very exciting and a lot of fun! I’m already dreaming of more Mara dresses for this fall and winter.
Thank you Marte for having me here!

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