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Let’s spin!

By 09/09/2014Blog

I’m totally into the Spin skirt by Elegance & Elephants! An easy project that’s perfect for fabrics that don’t need / ask for a complicated pattern. Perfect for me at this time of the year also, because I’ve been stressing enough lately to make ‘perfect creations’ like the one for Project Run & Play and for STYLO magazine. And then I’m not yet mentioning the launch of the Charles pattern… So every ‘busy’ stage in my life makes me feel like sewing more and more just for fun! To compensate, but also to fill my kids closets. Lately I’m keeping all my own creations aside for the fair I’m attending in Italy, so they can use some new skirts like this one. My most frequently used pattern at the moment!

Compagnie-M_spin_skirt_elegance_elephants 5
Compagnie-M_spin_skirt_elegance_elephants 2

The spin skirt is not new to me, but the shop where I got this fabric is! Studio Elf is a Dutch online shop with a  selection of stunning fabrics! All presented in a very beautiful way. This beauty is from Art Gallery. Never seen it before: that’s exactly what I like. Make sure to have a look at their shop. It would be shame not to…

Compagnie-M_spin_skirt_elegance_elephants 3

Like mentioned before, I’m struggling from time to time with taking pictures of my kids… Nore & Lisa are going back to school now and by the time they come home, there is no energy left to take pictures. So I try to find 1001 ways to make these shoots a little bit more fun to them. In the first place: I let them choose which project we’ll be shooting. Today Nore had 6 garments to choose from! I think I’ll need to slow down a little bit, because they just can’t seem to follow my sewing rhythm anymore. Does any one face the same problem? Love to hear from you!

Compagnie-M_spin_skirt_elegance_elephants 4

Compagnie-M_spin_skirt_elegance_elephants 1

Because I hope they will be able to read this one day: Thanks Lisa & Nore for all this photo shoots! Compagnie M. would have never existed without the two of you!

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  • Leentje says:

    heel mooie stof, ik ga straks een piepen bij studio 11 (op eigen risico…)! Mooie schoenen ook!

  • Jo Bee says:

    Een simpel rokje, maar staat erg leuk. Leuke stoffen, maar gezien het tijdgebrek (wat ik helemaal herken), heb ik maar niet al te lang gekeken .. ; )

  • Rineke says:

    Wat een vrolijk rokje! Ik zag dat het een gratis patroon is en nog eens in kleine maatjes ook. Rokjes in kleine maatjes zijn niet dik gezaaid, dus bedankt voor de tip… Mooie stofjes inderdaad bij studio Elf. Om te onthouden!

  • Emily says:

    What a fun skirt! The things that help my photo shoots most is letting her pick parts of what I make her when possible, let her pick accessories and location. I also keep it really short and take a bunch of pictures. Good luck.

  • ornella says:

    ciao Marte, do you know if I can find a programm of “Abilmente Vicenza” online? I would like to partecipate this year!

  • Jenya says:

    There is nothing like a lovely quick project after completing something big and stressful! I just rewarded myself for finishing curtains for my daughter by making a new Louisa dress… also for her haha

  • Wat een mooi stofje Marte!

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Je moet echt een kijken bij Studio Elf. Niet zo’n grote maar een hele leuke collectie. M

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