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Little treasures to swap

By 15/09/2013Blog, Fun stuff

This morning we went to the flee market in Brussels, a place where we like to hang out. Buying useful stuff or sometimes less useful stuff (but that more Bjorn’s specialty)! Today I had a button day. I bought buttons and nothing but buttons! More buttons that I will be able to use in a reasonable period of time. So I was thinking: why not organise a little button swap under Belgian readers? Sorry to all the rest, but it will be to expensive to send buttons around the world… I’ve made sets of 6 button for you. You can have them if you send me a small sewing related item back. Nothing special, but something small like…. buttons. Here is what I have for you. All buttons come in sets of 6 buttons. If your interested just let me know! Leave a comment and don’t forget to add your e-mailaddress for me. You can also ‘order’ more sets if you like. First comes, first served.

BUTTON 1: Olive green, 20mm, 5 sets available.
BUTTON 2: ‘Old pink’, 20mm, 4 sets available.
BUTTON 3: ‘navy blue’, 15mm, 4 sets available.
BUTTON 4: ‘pine green’, 12mm, 10 sets available.
BUTTON 5: yellow, 15mm, 2 sets available.
BUTTON 6: big red, 18mm, 1 set available.
BUTTON 7: small red, 15mm, 2 sets available.

I hope you all don’t think this is a foolish idea!? Hope some one likes the buttons as much as I do…

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