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Lotta skirt: pattern tour #4

By 15/11/2014Blog

More Lotta cuteness over at Made by Lot today! To be honest, I didn’t know her blog before she applied to become a pattern tester. Shame on me! :( At the end Liselot even made two Lotta skirts for her daughter. This one is my personal favourite, but I assume that she will show you her 2nd Lotta as well on her blog. Today or somewhere in the near future. Made by Lot is the place to be! Off you go!


Leentje on the other hand seems to become one of the testers of my fixed panel. She has sewn my Charles pattern twice in a row and only a couple of weeks later she was enthusiastic to try my Lotta skirt (for herself!) as well. Time for some selfish sewing. Can’t blame her! ;) Since I met Leentje twice in person, I guess I’m allowed to say that this skirt fits her style! Not only the pattern, but also these fabrics. Love the autumn colours combination she’s chosen. Totally my style as well! More pics over at Van Leentje!

Compagnie-M_Lotta skirt_van_leentje

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