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Louisa coat sewing pattern tour day #2 part 2

By 25/10/2016Blog

I don’t know if it’s just me, but only recently I got to know Jill’s Instagram account (kneewocksandgoldilocks). I think it was a repost from Art Gallery that made me scroll through her feed. WOW! This lady is so talented. That was my very first thought. She’s a big fan of Belgian pattern designers, that’s clear. The way she combines fabrics and colours is just perfection! I think she inspires a lot of people and that’s why I asked her to be part of the tour.

When she had send over the first coat preview, I was surprised. She dared to sew her small girl a white coat! and I’m so so glad she did. Don’t you think it looks amazing? It’s a great basic coat with the most beautiful lining fabric ever. I love this print a lot. It matches the little girls’ dress(es). I’m impressed.

And a couple of days later, she surprised me again. With a 2nd coat!!! What? I was speechless. How can she be so fast? I don’t have a favourite Louisa, but I do love the extra bonnet she’s sewn. Just too cute! Make sure to visit Jill’s Instagram acount because it’s amazing!


When Marte asked me if I would make a Louisa Coat and do a guest post, I was both honoured and excited! Having made many of Compagnie M’s patterns in the past, I have always loved their beautiful and modern details combined with classic vintage-inspired silhouettes. Then my excitement turned mostly to terror as I realized that sewing a wool coat with a lining would be more complicated than anything I’ve ever made in my two years of sewing. Reading through the instructions, I felt initially intimidated by interfacings I had never heard of and techniques I had never used and thought “What have I done? I should never have agreed to this!”

But never fear!!! I also knew from experience that Marte’s instructions and tutorials are so clear and precise, that I would not only learn new things by sewing it, but be able to turn out a beautiful end product. And I wasn’t let down in the least!

I have always loved the piping on the front of the Louisa Dress, and so was drawn to the Louisa Coat the first time I saw it for the same reason. I had a really difficult time choosing fabric so in the end made two coats!

The first is a classic ivory wool coat with navy piping and buttons. At this point, I realize every one of you is asking yourselves what would possess someone to make their three year old toddler an essentially white winter coat…I can’t help you. I obviously don’t have enough stress in my life. ;) The real reasons are that I have, for as long as I can remember, adored the look of navy and ivory together, and that I had made a bunch of dresses for my daughter using Rifle Paper Co. (for Cotton and Steel) fabrics that would coordinate perfectly. So I also used Rosa Les Fleurs fabric for the lining of the coat (and satin for the sleeve lining).















The second coat I made using rose Melton wool, and faux fur for the tulip collar. I lined it with another of my favourite art gallery fabrics to coordinate with another group of dresses I recently made my daughter. I also made a little pixie bonnet with wool and faux fur to keep her warm in our cold climate!

In the end, I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the outcome of this pattern and I truly believe they are the most beautiful and professional looking things I’ve ever made (in fact, I kind of wanted to frame them instead of putting them on my daughter and letting her venture out of the house). I used the tulip collar and button openings for both because they were all my favourite options, but I don’t think you could go wrong with any combination of options in this pattern. I love the fit of the coat and how there is enough room to layer a cardigan if necessary (for our cold Canadian winters). I love how the piping of the split back creates such beautiful lines and is so totally unique. I also found it amazing how most of the coat is actually sewn inside out. Although I kept wanting to flip it all the right way and make sure I hadn’t made an unfixable mistake, I knew I could trust Marte and didn’t turn it the right way until the very end…and was so excited to see it all come together the first time, I could barely go to sleep (despite it being almost 2 am)!

Thank you Marte for allowing me to sew this amazing pattern and for the honor of guest posting here on your blog. You have taught me so much and I am a better seamstress for it! To everyone else…thank you for taking the time to read this! You will not regret buying this pattern if you haven’t already! xoxo






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