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Louisa coat sewing pattern tour day #3 part 1

By 26/10/2016Blog

Today’s first tour participant is Sylvia. I don’t have to introduce you to my ‘pattern-designer-buddy’ anymore. I’m so happy that I launched the Lila pattern together with her! When she posted her first Louisa coat preview pictures on Instagram, I was blown away. ‘I want to see the outside!’ That was crossing my mind the next days… And now we can finally see the total result. Wow! It’s just perfect. I love Sylvia’s hack a lot! Thanks a lot for the beautiful coat & pictures! More on Lily&Woody!


Vicky was one of my new testers! She made her little angle (don’t you think her girl looks like an angle?) a super beautiful Louisa. The test was a bit stressful for her as she cut her first fabrics with a pattern that was printed on a wrong scale. OOOOOhhhh! That’s just so horrible when that happens. And yes, it did happen to me too in the past! So she ordered new fabrics and with an even shorter deadline, she made it in time. That’s what I call a superwomen! Thanks a lot Vicky. Hop over to SewLiSi for more pictures. 


And last, but not least I can present you Oona and her wonderful Louisa. Leen choose a printed fabric for the outside and a solid fabric for the lining. What makes her Louisa coat probably the most special one from the whole test panel. During the photoshoot Oona stool my heart. Really. She’ such a sweet girl! From the very first minute she held my hand. And I was talking to her the whole time. Playing with her shadow, ready her precious Tiny book… Oh that girl… If you want to see more pictures just hop over to Leen’s blog!


Thanks a lot ladies for these beautiful Louisa coats!!!

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