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Louisa coat pattern tour day #7 part 2 + a small word on the front flap

By 30/10/2016Blog

Today two of my ‘seamstress search’ candidates are sharing their Louisa coats. What I love about this way of working, is that I get to know new blogs. People that already follow Compagnie M. but that I didn’t know before…

The first participant is Esther from the shop I immediately loved her style when she responded on my call. I’m sure you will too!

Afterwards Melanie from Minauby will share her Louisa. I love the look behind the scenes to her live in Thailand. And of course I was nicely surprised by her cute Charles pants too. :)

+++ Esther +++

When Marte offered me the possibility to participate in the the Louisa coat tour, I was so pleased and nervous: it is the first time I write for a blog tour ! When I saw this coat the first time I thought it would be perfect for my older daughter as she was asking me to sew her a coat for ages. The Louisa coat was exactly what I was looking for. The right length, a zip closure, a hood and the fact that it’s available for young teens ! I thought it was a perfect challenge! It is the first time that I asked a fabric store to participate on the design pattern promotion .« Le chien vert » the well known fabric store in Belgium, said yes to my request with no hesitation!  So my daughter and I chose this  classic « chevron » wool and the black and metallic pipping as I wanted to have this blue lining of my stash ! I love this wool, it is the perfect weight ! It’s better than I thought, even If I could not expect how the coat would turn with the fabric ! As the time was against me I had no time to think to much anyway ! I think I never done a coat so quickly ! Everything went perfectly ! And till the end I was so anxious : you know when all the outside is inside and and you don’t know if what your doing is right….and Tadam ! Oh what a surprise ! A wonderful coat ! Thank you Marte the step by step is perfect ! Many thanks to Marte for letting me be part of the great blog tour, all the coats are gorgeous and so unique ! And thank you  Muriel from le chienVert for your support.














+++ Melanie+++

I would like to present you my version of the Louisa coat. I made it in 5y. In wool and Liberty and pink piping. As usually, I love this pattern, well drawn, good instructions. A lot of  possibilities to make your own coat ! 




+++ a small word on the front flap +++

As you have probably noticed, some of the coats from the testers showed a wonky front flap (zipper option). Well actually that’s my fault. :( Not because of the pattern, but because of a mistake in the choice of interfacing for this pattern piece. For a coat like this it’s important to use a stabilising interfacing but I also recommended this one for the front flap. Not a good idea when I have a closer look at some of the tester’s picture. Such a pity. But I did a last test in the meanwhile and with these two recommendations the issue is solved:

  1. use a H210 at the front flap. For the total pattern piece.
  2. in the step where you attach the seam allowance of the front flap to each other (last step before turning the coat to its right side) you have to attach the seam allowance all the way from the top to the hem. (in the instructions I left a small part open).

I’ll adjust the instructions on Wednesday (as we are not at home at the moment) and I’ll let you know when the new version is available. So this is not a mistake in the pattern. With a small change in the instructions, this issue is solved. Hooray! :) :) :)

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  • Estherliz says:

    Thank you so much Marte! So happy to be part of your blog tour! Congratulations for your pattern! Love Melanie’s version wit covered buttons, so sweet!

  • Delphine says:

    opnieuw twee pareltjes! en nu ik nog eens goed naar de grotere meisjes kijk ben ik nog meer jaloers dat er voorlopig geen versie voor dames komt


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