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Louisa coat sewing pattern tour day #7 part 1

By 28/10/2016Blog

It’s the last day of the Louisa coat pattern tour. I will miss seeing all the creations, but I’m sure it will not take a long time before new coats will be published. I’m organising a big Compagnie M. coat contest, so make sure to stay tuned. The contest will be launched next Friday (I postponed it a bit, because I’m preparing a big surprise behind the scenes… ;) )I hope you are ready to sew some coats? But first let’s inspire you some more!

Marie-Paule and Suze are a great team! Marie-Paule is a great seamstress and Suze is a perfect model. So cute. On every single picture. Make sure to head over to Sopopsew for more great pictures!


I think Marijke was the first tester to finish the tulip collar. I love it when certain lines in a pattern inspire me to add some extra touches like this new collar. Bjorn made this amazing pictures of Marijke’s daughter. More on her blog!


And then we head over to Majella. A super tester if you ask me. She prints a pattern and starts measuring everything before she starts sewing. That’s just such a great working method. That’s how she found the first mistake in the test pattern. One that could easily be solved. Pfiew! And I don’t know why, but when I met her on the photoshoot, I thought she would have a totally different look. I don’t know why. But sometimes you have a certain image of a blogger and when you meet-up she looks, talks and moves in a totally different way then you expected. :) So nice to meet you Majella! And thanks for taking your girl with you all the way from Limburg to our photoshoot. So make sure to check her blog for more pictures.


Michelle was a the only English speaking test person and it’s just so great that she managed to sew the Louisa coat! The instructions were in English, but behind the scenes I work with Facebook groups to follow up the test and give everyone the possibility to interact with the other testers. Michelle just used Google translate to follow all the Dutch conversations. So funny!

When she added her fabric selection, I was convince that she would use the outside fabric so the inside. ;) But I must say that I like how her Louisa turned out. Ok, the fabric is maybe not perfect for the pattern, but who cares when the result is so stinking cute? Thanks Michelle for learning Dutch along the way and of course for testing my pattern! More pics on Sewnhenge.


And last but not least Sofie is presenting her test version of the Louisa coat. When you pick a yellow fabrics, it can’t go wrong. :) Big love for the result. Thanks Sofie! Visit Sofie’s blog for more pictures. 


One of my favourite bloggers in Boevenbende. I love it how she recycles old clothes or sheets to sew clothes for her kids. Just like me, she turned a coat into a Louisa coat. A test version but I think and hope that a 2nd one will follow soon. Boevenbende is the place to be for more pictures and some explanation! 


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  • Marieke says:

    Wat heb ik genoten van deze blogtour. En wat een geweldig patroon heb je weer gemaakt! Met lichte spijt dat ik besloot me niet eens aan te melden om te testen, heb ik het gevolgd. Gelukkig kan ik het patroon ook gewoon kopen en alsnog aan de slag :)

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