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Louisa coat with tulip collar

By 03/10/2016Blog

When I posted this Louisa coat in my testers group, one of the comments was: ‘Looks amazing but I’m excited to see the back’. I was thinking: oops! I didn’t do anything special with the back. No special detail in a Compagnie M. pattern, that’s not an option right? I definitely had to add some special touches as you already know the Louisa pocket for almost 3 years now. (It’s a really funny blogpost if you know what happened after the launch!)



So I started designing and one thing was for sure: I would add a hood option… with gusset. This means extra lines to play with. And that’s when I came up with this idea. In one of my other coats, you’ll see why!


Afterwards I started looking for a connection between the back and the collar. That’s when the ‘tulip’ collar got born. A subtle detail with a beautiful effect. In combination with the plain or special back. ;) More and more options are being added to the pattern as the first Louisa coat had a zipper and this one closes with buttons.



So buttons, a zipper, two collars, a hood, two back options,… You’ll discover them all soon!



So many options, means sewing many many coats! That’s why I’m super happy that Editex sponsored these gorgeous fabrics! Their main and lining fabric matched perfectly with some golden piping and old buttons from my stash. Since it’s a main fabric without structure, I added a flower to pimp the coat. This way it’s a great coat for many occasions! My very last one will be another Editex collaboration that I will show you in a couple of weeks.



In this case we presented the coat in a romantic setting. I say ‘we’ because the photoshoot is another great collaboration. With Steffi aka’ Mrs white goes green‘ this time. She decorated the swing and apple tree specially for the shoot!!! Doesn’t her work look amazing? She is just about to start her own business making bouquets, flower decoration, crowns, … She’s a great friend with a lot of talent! If you ever need bouquets for a party or other flower decoration, make sure to contact her! She won’t disappoint you. For the photoshoot I just gave her some fabric scraps and this was the result when I arrived. See what I mean?



Now last but not least something about the pattern launch. The pattern is being tested at the moment and so far everything is going well. Many thanks testers!!! It’s always such a special stage with a lot of interaction. Can you already see me watching a movie, drinking tea, knitting and answering your questions at the same time. Multi tasking is my specialty by now!



After the test, it takes about 10 days to have everything printed so the pattern will be launched around the 20th of October! I hope you can still wait 17 nights and days?

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