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Louisa dress: option 2

After posting my first ‘vintage dress’ I got overwhelmed by your reactions. So drawing the pattern seemed like the only option. A lot of you wanted a different solution for the back, so at the end I included 3 versions! Next to the original one with the contrast inserts, I’ll show you a more simple option today. Less is more I guess. Especially when you pick a nice and bright fabric like I did. I know it’s more like a summer version, but I made 3Y which means my girls will also be able to wear this dress until summer.

Maybe a detail you didn’t know yet: the dress is fully lined. And also for the lining I included 3 options in the pattern. So that easily to adjust according to the seasons….

As you can see: I’ve chosen a name for my new pattern. The Louisa dress it wil be. I hope you like it!? Thanks for all your help on Facebook! If you don’t follow me on Facebook yet, you should: I try to involve my followers into the process of developing my patterns even more there.

Lisa and I did our best to capture the dress in a good way, but with the terrible weather we’re facing in Belgium, it’s an extremely difficult job to take some nice pics….

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