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Louisa – Ileana mashup #1 with free instructions and 10% sales!!!

By 11/09/2015Blog

After our holiday I started preparing a new section that will soon be online on our website: a page with free stuff! I will try to fill this page with free tutorials / patterns, mashup ideas and pattern hacks (starting from my own patterns).

Even before I started Compagnie M. I got the idea that it would be a great idea to make my patterns interchangeable and to stimulate your creativity to mix & match endlessly! This month I will finally, I know, present you some mix & match ideas that I like myself. Next month, during the contest, it’s your turn to become creative and think of new options. :) Compagnie M. in the mix!! Yeah!

Today I show you a first mashup idea starring two of my patterns: the Louisa and the Ileana. This remix is in fact easy peasy. I was inspired by Katrien to combine these two patterns. It’s so fast and you get a completely new dress without buying a new pattern. How great is that?

Little note for those that still want to buy both patterns: You can purchase the Louisa & Ileana dress pattern with an additional 10% discount in my shop! Valid till next Thursday. You don’t need a discount code. :) Two pattern patterns will cost 27,36euro (without shipping) or 13,68 euro per pattern. The PDF versions: 11,98 euro or 5,99 euro each. Strange numbers I know, but that’s because the shop calculates 10% discount twice. Hooray!

Compagnie-M_Louisa_Ileana_mix_and_match 1

You can find the free detailed photo instructions on these links: DUTCH or ENGLISH. I will also publish those on our new webpage as soon as it’s available. Bjorn is working on it! :)  In these instructions I explain you how to sew this dress using both the Ileana & Louisa dress patterns. New photo instructions completely for free!  I do refer to the original instructions from time to time but I promise you that I’ve clearly added the page numbers. I’ve also written a small tutorial on how to add a contrasting hem band. Whenever I don’t have enough fabric I use this technique. A nice extra touch!

Compagnie-M_Louisa_Ileana_mix_and_match 5

I do have to tell you a story concerning this amazing floral fabric. In fact it was a gift from Nina. :) At La Droguerie in Paris, I was really doubting to buy this one, but in the end I didn’t. When she came over from Switzerland to Belgium a few weeks later, she gave me this fabric as a present!!! My god, I was so surprised. Nina & her family stayed a bit longer in Paris and they specially went back to buy this piece of fabric for me. I must say, that I can count the people that did such a sweet thing for me on one hand! She’s a darling. I can’t wait to see her again in November. Never ever hoped that I would meet such a great friend in Paris. She’s amazing!

Compagnie-M_Louisa_Ileana_mix_and_match 2

I combined the ‘La Droguerie’ fabric with a woollen fabric from Pieke Wieke that a bought a long time ago to relaunch the Charles pants (UPDATE: good news: this fabric is still available!!). That’s why I didn’t have enough for a full dress, but I’m happy with the result in the end. :)

Compagnie-M_Louisa_Ileana_mix_and_match 11

Are you ready for an overload of pictures? I love all of them, so I didn’t only want to make a small selection. Sorry!

Compagnie-M_Louisa_Ileana_mix_and_match 3

Compagnie-M_Louisa_Ileana_mix_and_match 4

Compagnie-M_Louisa_Ileana_mix_and_match 6

Compagnie-M_Louisa_Ileana_mix_and_match 12


Compagnie-M_Louisa_Ileana_mix_and_match 9

Nore was pretenting to be Elza, what else. Singing and singing. So cute! Next time I promise to make a small movie for you. :)

Compagnie-M_Louisa_Ileana_mix_and_match 8

After a great holiday I have so much energy  to focus on the Compagnie M. again. Are you ready for a lot of free stuff? Put your hands in the air if you’re in!

Compagnie-M_Louisa_Ileana_mix_and_match 13


  • Nat says:

    Waw, supermooie jurk, Marte! Ik moet dringend mijn Louisa-patroon nog eens bovenhalen :-)

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Bedankt! Het is zo een eenvoudig basispatroon als je het zonder de zak gebruikt dus zeker doen! M

  • 2 super patronen kunnen niet anders dan samen nog een super patroon te vormen he. Had ook al over een dergelijke combi zitten denken. Wat ik me afvroeg. Zou een Mara bvb ook te combineren zijn met een ileana-rok?

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Hey Wendy! Bedankt. De Mara kan j niet combineren met de rokken van de kleedjes want de onderzijde is breder… Alles, alles kan natuurlijk. Maar dan zal je wel wat moeten aanpassen! Ik denk er eens over na. :)

  • Heel geslaagd Marte! Bedankt voor de tutorial… ik ga het zeker proberen!

  • Sylvia says:

    Super herfstjurk en tutorial! Zo mooi dat stofje van La Droguerie, ga ik onthouden voor ons dagje Parijs binnenkort!

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Zeker langsgaan! Ik een leuke winkel. Anna K bazaar vond ik ook heel erg de moeite maar pas op want die is wel net verhuisd! Amuseer je! Stiekem wat jaloers!

  • Heel geslaagde mix&match! Dat stofje is zo mooi!

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Misschien moeten we ook maar eens samen naar Parijs gaan. Was echt top voor fabric shopping!

  • nina says:

    hi marte this dress is so darling! you really found the perfect fabric to pair with the floral one! i often think of you and your family, we’re really looking forward to welcome you in novembre! greetings from sunny italy we’re currently on holiday for some more days xo nina

  • Boevenbende says:

    Ohh die is mooi! Zeg laat je nog wel wat ideeën voor ons over straks bij de wedstrijd? ;-)

    • Compagnie M. says:

      Bedankt! Tuurlijk. Ik heb nog een heel lijstje intussen maar zal ze zeker zelf voor de wedstrijd niet allemaal kunnen afwerken. :)

  • Seija says:

    De combinatie met de mooie paarse stof is echt geweldig. ‘La Drogerie’ was inderdaad een aangename verrassing tijdens ons weekje Parijs met de rest van de familie en bij Anna K Bazaar hing er een briefje op met hun nieuwe adres. Jammer genoeg kon ik mijn dames niet meer overtuigen voor een omwegje :(

  • […] Mix & match: since Compagnie M. patterns are designed to be mixed & matched, I wanted to stress this unique concept! When you use two or more Compagnie M. sewing patterns without adding anything else, you will participate in this category. The idea is not to change anything to the pattern pieces but to combine them in a unique way. An example of this concept is my own Louisa – Ileana remix. […]

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