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Louisa + Mara = One Unique Dress

I present you the combination of Louisa Dress and Mara Blouse patterns. For the most part, I used the Louisa Dress Pattern, but incorporated the yoke and long sleeve option from Mara Pattern. Instead of button placket on the front, I made a one piece yoke with some textile manipulation effects. I thought that straps would really complement the Louisa Dress pockets. So I replicated the front pocket design onto the back and connected the two pockets with straps that have mini cap sleeve-like piece at the shoulders.

The contrasting fabrics and colors of the bodice and the skirt (top is tissue linen in natural color, and the skirts is a heavier weight linen in plum-purple) make an illusion of a two-piece outfit instead of one dress.

More photos and details are here:


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