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Mailbox surprise: a Petit Pan adventure!

By 29/11/2013Blog, Series

Last week Marta & I announced our series: Mailbox Surprise. Although you are probably not supposed to participate in your own series, Marta & I decided to surprise each other as well! All participants of the series receive a surprise pack from an unknown sender, but Marta & I are just swapping fabrics! When I received Marta’s list, I remembered in particular that she loves bright colours. So from the beginning I decided to buy her fabric at our ‘new’ Petit Pan shop in Antwerp. The shop opened 6 months ago and it’s very close to where I live, but nevertheless I didn’t found time to get there. So this was the perfect excuse!

When I had a look at the show case before entering the shop, I could already see that I had made the right decision. Petit Pan’s mission is to let everyone live in multicolors and that’s the least you can say! As you probably noticed I will not show what I’ve send to Marta (since she knows that I’m sending her a package) but I will just make look at these pictures… Package has been send Marta, so you just have to wait for the package to arrive. If it doesn’t get lost of course!

The Petit Pan store is packed with the most beautiful fabrics I’ve ever seen. So joyful. It’s amazing to see this impressive collection. It’s the perfect shop that makes you crazy because you just want to buy everything! Soo many fabrics to choose from! What a difficult assignment it was… When the package arrives at Marta’s place she will surely show you what I’ve bought. Now let’s keep out fingers crossed that the package arrives well. Last time it took about 3 weeks, so I hope she receives it before Christmas. Maybe I can have her waiting until the 25th to open it? Then she has an extra Christmas present…. But I’m quiet sure she will not be able to resist!

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