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Mailbox surprise: arrival of my package!

Mailbox surprise has come to the phase that I received my package from Marta. I was really surprise that it arrived this fast. I think it only took about 1 week to get from Portugal to Belgium…. Here is what I received: Marta used some great stamps to pimp the envelop! I wish I had stamps with some sewing supplies and a sewing machine! Where did you find them Marta? Marta’s note explains that the fabric is a modern version if the traditional Portugese Chitnz fabrics. You should Google it!

She also added some nice vintage buttons! A touch from the seaside. Where Marta lives! Thanks a lot Marta, I love my package! Now I only have to find the perfect pattern to match this fabric. Which I think is a very difficult assignment! I have one idea yet, but can you all please please help me to find the perfect pattern for this beautiful fabric. And keep in mind that it’s winter here. As a told you: it’s a difficult job! 

And since we both send our packages on the very same day, what would have been the chance that it also arrived the very same say? What a coincidence! Do you want to know all the details about Mart’s package? Hop over to Doguincho to read her Mailbox Surprise blogpost!

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  • Oooo… the buttons and fabric! I can so see your Mara or Louisa dress in this fabric, but if you’re wanting to use a different pattern, I can see this in the Apple Picking Dress by Oliver & S. Alrighty…I’m hopping over to visit Marta and see her goodies!

  • Marta says:

    I’m so glad you liked my mailbox surprise package!
    The stamps are Japanese and where bought at Antiga Drogaria (the shop you liked on my Thursday Shopping series) but they don’t have them anymore.
    This fabric is perfect for a top (a blouse or a shirt) I think. It would look lovely on your Mara blouse. And, if it is cold you can pair it with a nice wool cardigan…

  • Pretty pretty! I love your sewing, and so am excited to see what you make.

  • Suz says:

    Fun fun! Such delicate fabric. Very pretty!

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