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Mailbox surprise series: Groovybaby…and mama

By 31/01/2014Blog, Series

Another Mailbox Surprise day! I must say, I’m so happy with the creations we receive from our participants. When I opened Trine‘s guest post (only a few minutes ago), I got pleasantly surprised! Twice! First of all, because Trine’s creations are perfect as always. With the fabric and zippers she received from Yifarn, she could make 3 items. When I look at the picture below of Trine and Wilma, they are just too cute to be true. What a gorgeous family she has…


And secondly, I was charmed with the idea that the has sewn her ‘groovygirl’ a Louisa dress. I love the fabric, the fabric combo and … I can keep glorifying her work, but most of all I would love it, when you go and visit DoGuincho to read Trine’s post. Thanks a lot creative friend! Come back next week for Suz’s creation!



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