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Mamanessa – Sleep tight, Mara!

Hi everyone!
I am very excited to be a guest blogger today for this mara blouse blog tour! I had clicked on this pattern several times before, but never could I convince myself to make it for my skirt loving daughter.
When I then saw there are skirt options for this pattern, I decided to enter the blog tour! I had (and still have…) a winter mara version in my head. But then summer kicked in really bad here in little Belgium and my poor little daughter started complaining about not having a cool summer pyjama…
And that’s when my wintermaraskirt was put on hold and my mara pyjama’s idea was born! I measured my kid, made her the matching size (a size 6 for my 6 year old…) and it fits like a charm! However she has never really been fond of pants and blouses, this is her new favourit sleeping outfit! Feel like seeing more of my creations??? Be welcome to visit my blog at
And now I trow you guys some sleeping dust along with my pics!!


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