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Lily&Woody : Mara and the Lily pond

When Marte announced a big secret blog action I immediately wanted to be a part of it! I was very happy to find out that the Mara blouse was going to be in the spotlight again. In my pre-blog era I won this pattern over at Georgette and became a big fan of Compagnie M. I sewed my first Mara blouse at the time for my 3 months old daughter and her “Tante Hilde” doll. I’ll show you the old picture on my blog, head on over to Lily & Woody.
Back to Mara! This time I choose to sew a Mara tunic in the fabulous Miraleste Cloud 9 voile.
My daugther is now 7 months old so I adjusted the pattern for a 1 year old mainly in width and kept the same length to make it into a tunic.
I decided on the option with the ruffled sleeves, which I think is adorable for little girls. The pattern explains how to neatly finish the sleeve with a biais on the inside.
Recently the giant lilies in the “plantentuin”, a park in Meise where blooming and we had the opportunity to take a photo on a real lily in the pond. A perfect occasion to wear her new Mara blouse. How cute is this!
I love the Mara blouse and I think my girl will wear this breeze blouse a lot this summer, because it’s so easy to combine with leggings and a jersey.

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