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Meet Bjorn!

By Wednesday,7 October,2015Blog

Nancy aka Madeline asked me to sew something for the release of her new webshop. Since she wanted to present the different categories of fabrics in her shop, I proposed to make something for Bjorn. After his approval, I picked 2 fabrics for a Finlayson sweater and a pair of Jedediah pants. Two pattens by Thread Theory. Bjorn’s the only person in need of clothes in our family, so it seemed like a perfect win-win-win for me, him and Madeline. :) This way you also get the chance to meet Bjorn. The man behind the scenes. No Compagnie M. without him. He’s a miracle with the computer. Can you believe he never builded a webshop before he did mine? Amazing.

Compagnie-M_Jedediah_pants_thread_theory_madeline 6

Compagnie-M_Jedediah_pants_thread_theory_madeline 9

Compagnie-M_Jedediah_pants_thread_theory_madeline 10


Back to my creations: on the new Madeline blog you can find more details on the Finlayson sweater, here you can read all details on the pants. The blogpost at Madeline is in Dutch, but I’ll publish a translated version here in about 2 weeks time.

Compagnie-M_Jedediah_pants_thread_theory_madeline 16

Compagnie-M_Jedediah_pants_thread_theory_madeline 15

Compagnie-M_Jedediah_pants_thread_theory_madeline 2

So: the Jedediah pants! After sewing a muslin and adjusting the side seam for 8cm in total at his bud, I’ve sewn these pants over at Marie-Paule’s place. It took me 6,5 hours in total!!! I never ever spend so much time to sew a garment. But I wanted to top stitch all seams and that just took time. But I don’t regret doing so as the result turned out to be perfect. Yes! Bjorn immediately ordered a 2nd one. Of course. But his request is at the moment on the bottom of my todo list. First I’m working on the Louisa for women. Finally!

And of course I got the permission to take close-up pictures of mister’s derrière! :)

Compagnie-M_Jedediah_pants_thread_theory_madeline 3

Compagnie-M_Jedediah_pants_thread_theory_madeline 13

Compagnie-M_Jedediah_pants_thread_theory_madeline 7

As you can see on these detail pictures, I used the fabric in two ways: the back side is a tad darker so I turned the fabric for the pockets. A small detail that makes the pants a bit more special. I topstitched all seams just like a pair of jeans. Never thought a jeans would be that much work. It got me thinking again on how it can be possible that a pair of jeans at H&M only costs 14,95 euro… :(

Now head over to Madeline’s blog for more details / pictures of the sweater. AND you get a 10% discount on all jeans, woollen and knit fabrics in her shop with the discount code COMPAGNIEM. Thanks Bjorn for being such a great model. So easy that you can just stand still. A huge difference with the girls. :)

Compagnie-M_Finlayson_sweater_thread_theory_madeline 2

Love that smile! So Bjorn! <3


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